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What is ONYXCanada?
ONYXCanada is the Promotions and Publicity Division 
of Fenwicke Enterprises. 
Fenwicke Enterprises is a Canadian operation 
and has been in business since 1984.
The ONYX team specializes in helping independent musicians with publicity materials, web pages and internet marketing. We also offer these services to any other person needing them.
Our motto is:
"We kick serious butt..."
(and we do)
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What Else Does ONYX do?

We provide  a wide assortment of services - custom and standard. 

Below is an overview of some of the services we provide.


  • Overview of Web Services

  • - Web pages - Custom or Standard 

  • -   logos, artwork and photos

  • - Promo  - Custom and standard kits

  •  - Logo design

  • Prices  -  These are available upon request

  • Overview of other services
    Fenwicke Enterprises is happy to provide
    - Speakers - we have skilled public speakers to address your group, or gathering.
    - Seminars - we can provide seminars at your establishment or for your functions
    - Landscape Consulting - our horticulturist and garden designer will turn your barren waste into a Garden of Eden

    Fees - available upon request - email us
    Contact Us - email:onyxcanada@wezel.com

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