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ONYX Canada and Sea Music are proud to present Shady Rosy, a very talented singer/songwriting duo which is enjoying excellent accolades for thier music on the internet. 
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Shady Rosy Songs can also be found at 

Acid Planet

This link takes you to Shady Rosy's songs at AcidPlanet, you can hear /download  material there., and various collaborations too.

Wishing, Hoping  (for theProgenitor Cold Chill mix of this song, click here)

Rainy Afternoon (For the George 1948 Mix) click here

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  Shady Rosy is a songwriting duo consiting of Louise Peacock and Tony Laviola.  

Louise Peacock Bio

Louise has always been a lover of all types of music. She was brought up in Portugal with their folk music which is the Fado. Her parents tried to instill in her a love of all music and she was dragged to every music event they could find: opera, symphony, Fado nights, Latin American trios at seaside cafes....Their strategy worked and she wanted to learn to play the accoustic guitar. Her dad had tried to get her interested in Piano lessons in London, unfortunately, as a whiny little kid, she was not a good candidate for "serious" music. However, as a teen, the guitar really grabbed her attention. 

She was constantly listening to pop music on the short wave radio or on jukeboxes. Elvis, Beachboys, Les Paul and the like were her heroes. She was sure that she could learn to play like Les Paul.... When Louise left home, she went to London, England. There she spent many hours in the early 60’s sitting around on cold floors in unheated apartments with her scruffy beatnik pals and their guitars, singing the songs of Lenny Cohen til the wee hours and picking up musical influences. (Boy, did she think she was cool!).

Louise came to Canada in 1965 and finally bought her own guitar (old beat up cheapo thing). "Coming to Canada opened up my whole life" she says.....She found that she could earn a decent living and start doing all the things she had dreamed of. No more unheated apartments with no hot water like in London! 
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She hung out at all the folk music places she could find. She got involved with a small weekly paper which allowed her to write music and theatre reviews and began reviewing plays in Stratford and music in Toronto. She used to drive up to Stratford with a car load of hippy friends and after she’d done the play thing, they’d all go to the Black Swan and listen to Cedric Smith and Richard Keelan who were then The Perth County Conspiracy. 

Louise started to teach herself guitar and began to get involved in community groups and lead sing-songs. 

In the early 1970’s she began to seriously write songs. However, she felt hampered by her lack of playing ability, so did nothing with this material until May 2001. Thanks to musician friends Tim Johns, David Norris-Elye, Nonie Crete and Eugene Rea, Louise now has a basic demo CD and has put all the songs up on the internet where they are receiving really excellent reviews. She completed the recording of a Professional 4-song Demo backed by FACTOR in June 2002, and in September of 2002 produced a preview CD called "10 Weezy Pieces".

She has a special 4-song promo CD to promote the 2002 Distillery Fringe Jazz Festival. This CD is called 4-Weezy pieces.  In 2006 she produced a Blues CD called Shady Blues.  2008 - She and songwriting partner, Tony Laviola have released an eclectic Country CD, called Shady Country Lanes, which can be purchased at CDBaby. Louise and Tony continue to write and record new material constantly.

Louise Peacock is an internet music promotions and publicity person, as well as a webmaster and Singer/Songwriter.  But more interesting is her position as program Coordinator and Station Manager for, which is a Canadian internet broadcaster specialising in playing indie music.

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