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Outrageous Hosts for 2005     
About the Guest Hosts:
Here are names, pix and bios of our Outrageous Hosts for 2005

January 29 Janice Daly

Janis Daly is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter. She also plays guitar, bass, and flute, just to mention a few.

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Feb 5    John Dorsey  

Singer/Songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario.       

While recovering from a motorcycle accident, John took up the guitar. After graduation, he set off to see the world. Vancouver, Tokyo (where he played guitar bars),Vietnam. He hitchhiked throughout Southeast Asia, worked with the aborigines in northern Australia, and lived and climbed in the mountains of New Zealand. Guitar in tow, he then travelled overland from India to Europe, and after 4 years, back home.
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In the '70s John became a teacher. He lived in the Therafields community in Toronto where his personal growth and creativity were supported, and his song writing and performing skills flourished. Evenings and weekends were often spent singing and playing guitar in coffee houses and bars in southern Ontario.
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Now retired from teaching, John has recorded some of the songs he's written over the years. These are real songs, about real experiences, as solid and as earthy as his log cabin in the woods near Huntsville. His songs are well-crafted acoustic, country/folk tunes, easy to listen and relate to, and range from gentle folk, through catchy country to wanna-get-up-and-dance blues or bluegrass style.  The CD is called "No Second Chance"
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John's CD is a delightful collection of whimsical songs.

Feb 19    Ray Murray

Singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. Ray enjoys the music of Billy Joe Shaver, Gordon Lightfoot and others of the same ilk. Has been a regular for many years at Toronto's popular Melody Ranch event, and attends and participates at various open stage and jam events at the Transaac Club. Ray says that Gordon Lightfoot "taught me to play the  guitar"

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March 5    Dan McVeigh

Singer/Songwriter Based in Brampton, Ontario.

They say things get better with time. Dan McVeigh has been involved in the music industry for most of his life. Dan started out as a keyboard player/lead vocalist in a number of Top 40/Country music groups before working on his career as a solo artist.
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He started writing songs at age 18 and has 5 Billboard songwriting awards to his credit as well as finishing 4th in the Canadian Country Music Hall Of Fame Songwriting Competition. He has also won his 2nd straight honorable mention with the NSAI/CMT Song contest this year. Dan was recognized for his work in the community from the City of Brampton with a 2001 Arts Acclaim Award. Dan also finished 2nd in Starquest (a country music talent competition) and 2nd in the Canadian Open Country Singing Contest (songwriting division) in 2004.

A quote about Dan's new CD, Love and Bridges

"Dan McVeigh emerges as a first-class singer/songwriter on his debut CD "Love And Bridges". While it falls squarely in the commercial country vein, he has some soul, and knows how to turn a phrase" - Mike Beggs, Mississauga News

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 March 19  Julie Long

Julie Long is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/pianist.

Julie's life has always been filled with music and
song. As the daughter of professional musicians it
player was no surprise that Julie herself would follow in their footsteps, beginning her career as a keyboard and back-up vocalist at the age of 17.

In recent years Julie has developed a passion for songwriting and is currently performing her own material.

See Julie's website where you can hear some of her music.

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 Seen here at the Outrageous Open Stage in spring of 2005.
April 2 Patrick Simmonds of Spraoí

Pat Simmonds is a multi instrumentalist from New Zealand. The product of an Irish immigrant family with Carlow connections, he is the eldest of five siblings, all of whom play music. He has spent many years in Conamara where he has performed with some of the finest names today, The Connolly family, John Beag O'Flatharta, Sean Keane, Sean Tyrrell, Charlie Lennon, Pat Mitchell, the Shannon sisters, Mary Bergin and many more. He has appeared numerous times on Irish, English and European television and radio and collaborations have garnered several songwriting awards in Ireland.
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In 2000 the band were invited to appear at the millenium concert in Gisborne, New Zealand where they played to an audience of over 30 000 people.
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His recording credits include the live to video concert "Gael Cheol Tire Chonamara", hardcore folk band The Far Canals, Spidoolin, the New Zealand bush band Murphy's Law and many others.

Lately he has been in various studios recording and producing albums for singer/songwriter John Eccleston, folksinger Jim Fay and coordinated a celtic theme album for Solitudes. He has guested on albums by accordionist Ena O'Brien and bagpipe funk merchants Taxi Chain. He is currently recording a album of traditional material for fiddle, accordion and pipes.

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April 16 -  Our gracious Fill-in Host will be either Julie Long or Keith Addison - we'll keep you posted!

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April 30 Trevor Burt

Trevor Burt is one of Canada’s foremost classical guitarist/composers. He has been performing original compositions and masterworks from the guitar repertory to capacity crowds and rave reviews from Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto to Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1989. His debut CD, Convergence, has been hailed by Shelagh Rogers of the CBC as, “terrific”. Ted Weiner, the Musical Director of Classical 89.9 in North Carolina proclaims, “Trevor Burt is a first rate interpreter.” Both the Japanese Guitar Association and the South Carolina Arts Commission have praised his “Outstanding Musicianship” and “Unique and Compelling” compositions. His music is currently broadcast across Canada and the U.S.A. and has been heard as far away as Tokyo, Japan.
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Trevor Burt is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music Associateship program and holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance Degree from the University of Toronto where he earned the Ken Young Scholarship. He received the Award of Excellence from the Japanese Guitar Association in 1988 and was named Mississauga Musician of the year in 1990. In addition to his activities with the trio Azulão, Trevor Burt performs as a soloist and in various chamber music ensembles including the Cardey-Burt Duo based in Toronto.

Trevor has recently begun to write singer/songwriter material, drawing on his life's experiences for inspiration.
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May 14 Timothy John Robert

What can we say about Timothy John Robert? 

First off, he’s very entertaining.  His energy while entertaining is phenomenal.  His musical style is probably best described as rocking alternative/folk.
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Based in Toronto, TJR has been playing and singing in the GTA for a few years. He writes about his life experiences, and events that strike him as song-worthy. His wry sense of humour is readily found in his lyrics.

Easily recognizable as he marches down the street, guitar slung over his back and his wooden walking staff in his hand ... his black hat perched on his head. He cuts a colourful figure.

No event with TJR will be dull, we can guarantee that!
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May 28  Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas is an Ontario based singer/songriter/entertainer.

Laura has a wonderful and very versatile voice. She is as at home singing an Alanis Morrisette cover as she is covering Joni Mitchell.
 ..... Laura  is well known in the Toronto area as a talented and well-rounded musician. Laura has a background that includes Choral singing, Acting, Classical voice training, Teaching, Choir Directing and numerous pop/rock/alternative/folk and blues bands as well as children's shows.
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Laura began her musical career at the early age of 7 singing in a local choir and theatre company and now makes her living performing for audiences of all ages. Laura was an original member of the Amanda Marshall Band and has had the opportunity to perform live with such notable performers as Vince Gill, Jeff Healey, Michael Burgess, Stephen Fearing, Ron Nigrini, Norm Hacking, Richard Samuals and Snow.

Laura's instrumental talents include. Congas, lead and backing vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, bass and foot tambourine
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Laura's CD, SIMPLE THINGS, is a delightful collection of her original tunes, which has been getting a lot of favorable attention on CBC as well as in Europe.. 
Visit the Website

June 11 - Brian Gladstone - **Host and Featured Artist
Brian Gladstone is a shining example to aspiring indy artists everywhere.

A self-starter, Brian single handedly promoted his first CD, getting airplay all over Europe, his next CD followed and he was soon getting htat played all over the place.  Brian next decided to create a music festival which he calls Winterfolk.

This festival has become a favorite here in the city, and Brian has to turn away would-be particpants because he gets too many applications. 
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Visit the website
June 25 - Dwight Peters
We don't have a a bio for Dwight at this time, but as soon as we get one from him, we'll add it in here.

Meantime, we can say that Dwight is a self-possessed, singer/songwriter/performer who has a gift for playing and singing.  He has a great way with the audience, and comes across as very professional and smooth.  Dwight has a pleasant, resonant voice and interesting songs and lyrics. His guitar playing is also smooth and tuneful.

We look forward to having Dwight as our host.

See Sue and Dwights website

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