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Outrageous 2005 Featured Artists February to June

Feb 5 Phyllis Wheaton | Feb 19 Joe Ivan | Mar 5  Michael Laderoute | Mar 19  Janis Daly  | Apr 2 John Dorsey   | Apr 16  Trevor Burt | Apr 30 Timothy John Robert  | May 14  William Coon | May 28 Julie Long and Keith Addison | June 11 Brian Gladstone | June 25  Dorothy Cooley |
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Feb 5    Phyllis Wheaton
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Singer/Songwriter based in Calgary, Alberta.  

Phyllis is a strong advocate for original music and the energy and talent of Calgary singer/songwriters. Recently, she partnered with Calgary singer/songwriter Jim Munro to raise awareness for Calgary Singer/songwriters organizing The Songwriter's Mic' Contest at Calgary's Dog n' Duck.

Luckily for us, Phylllis on a whirlwind tour of Ontario, to promote her new CD,  "The first song."
Phyllis is our very first Featured Artist at the Outrageous Winter Open stage.
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For more details on Phyllis, check out her Website
Feb 19   Joe Ivan

Singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario

Joe Ivan is a talented country /rock songwriter. He has many songs to his credit and has been involved in the music industry for many years. Recently he re-entered  the music world after a long hiatus.  Joe is now ready to record a CD and is just waiting for the right moment.
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March 5    Michael Laderoute

Singer/Songwriter Based in Toronto, Ontario.

Michael's gruff humour and his terrific songwriting have been entertaining Toronto and Texas audineces for several years.  Michael is finally recording a CD which will be released very soon.

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 March 19    Janis Daly

Singer/Songwriter/musician. Based in Toronto, Ontario.

Janis has a unique and beautiful voice which she puts to good effect in her songs. She plays guitar, bass and also flute, just to mention a few instruments.

Janis has several projects that she is involved with here in Toronto. Salon Collective is one
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April 2 - John Dorsey (Wrongfully Convicted!)

Singer/Songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario.  John Dorsey will be appearing with Gord Cole (on Pedal  Steel ) and
Paul Burton (bass, harmony vocals, and mandolin)
as The Wrongfully Convicted  

Now retired from teaching, John has recorded some of the songs he's written over the years. These are real songs, about real experiences, as solid and as earthy as his log cabin in the woods near Huntsville. His songs are well-crafted acoustic, country/folk tunes, easy to listen and relate to, and range from gentle folk, through catchy country to wanna-get-up-and-dance blues or bluegrass style.  The CD is called "No Second Chance"

For full bio see John Dorsey Host
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Visit the website
April 16 - Trevor Burt

Trevor Burt is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music Associateship program and holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance Degree from the University of Toronto where he earned the Ken Young Scholarship. He received the Award of Excellence from the Japanese Guitar Association in 1988 and was named Mississauga Musician of the year in 1990. In addition to his activities with the trio Azulão, Trevor Burt performs as a soloist and in various chamber music ensembles including the Cardey-Burt Duo based in Toronto.

Trevor has recently begun to write singer/songwriter material, drawing on his life's experiences for inspiration.

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April 30 -  Timothy John Robert
First off, he’s very entertaining.  His energy while entertaining is phenomenal.  His musical style is probably best described as rocking alternative/folk.

Based in Toronto, TJR has been playing and singing in the GTA for a few years. He writes about his life experiences, and events that strike him as song-worthy. His wry sense of humour is readily found in his lyrics.

Easily recognizable as he marches down the street, guitar slung over his back and his wooden walking staff in his hand ... his black hat perched on his head. He cuts a colourful figure.

No event with TJR will be dull, we can guarantee that!
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TJR at Outrageou 2003 at Cafe May
May 14  William Coon

Wiliam Coon is a quiet singer/songwriter with a lot of depth

William Coon now lives in Guelph Ontario - A small Meca for Songwriters.

William is a member of Songwriters Association of Canada, Nashville Songwriters Association International, And Ontario Country Performer & Fan Association.

His songs are about people, places and things that are important to us all in this life. His lyrics tell a story that most of us can understand and relate to.
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May 28 Julie Long and Keith Addison
This talented songwriting duo brings you a pot pourrie of delightful, original material.

You will love how these two blend their voices and create amazing harmonies. Julie's sweet contralto is a heartbreaker.  Julie and Keith both write their own material, but recently got together to collaborate on some songs. These artists have a knack for really good collabortative writing, and we think they are going to go places.  From what we've heard so-far, they know how to produce good lyrics and tunes with great hooks.

We can't wait to hear their own individual material as well....
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June 11 - Brian Gladstone

A self-starter, Brian single handedly promoted his first CD, getting airplay all over Europe, his next CD followed and he was soon getting that played all over the place.

His songs are whimsical and relate to his life or things that matter to him.  His guitar picking is terrific and he has really good presentation skills, which make him a very entertaining performer.

It's always a pleasure to have Brian at Outrageous, since he's the most Outrageous host/performer of all!
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for more details on brian,  visit his website

June 25 -  Dorothy Cooley
"When you've been influenced by both Roger Miller and Carole King, it's no wonder I sound like a soulful hillbilly," Cooley claims. "I would say my genre is more like Mid-life Crisis Folk." Hailing from southwest Michigan Cooley makes frequent trips to the greater Toronto area to sing, finding great support for her style of playing and lyrical delivery. A mother of four with two sons currently serving in Iraq, Cooley can look out her living room window and write about the world. A featured performance you'll not want to miss.

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Visit Dorothy's website

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