Outrageous Summer Open Stage - 2004
Was Hosted by Gate 403

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Hilites of Outrageous Summer Open Stage  - At the UpDn Lounge Bar, 233 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto

All WELCOME!!!!!!

 In case you're wondering about the Outrageous Open Stage, visit the Outrageous 2003 link for some background.

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Above you see the two perpetrators of Outrageous, Louise Peacock and Roger Zuraw

Hilites of the Outrageous Summer Open Stage was the wrap up event of our summer 2004 open stage.  This year we  featured two new Outrageous attendees - The very talented Janis Daly and Joe Sbrocchi, and the two people who are responsible for creating the Outrageous Summer Open stage, Louise Peacock (AKA Kid Wezel) and Roger Zuraw.

Janis Daly plays bass and guitar for a start, and is a singer/songwrtier with a wonderful, melliforous voice and a great vocal range. Her folk/pop style songs are mood invoking and the lyrics always tell a story. She plays with several bands in Toronto, one group with which she is involved is Salon.  Janis began at 6:15 and entertained the crowd with some of her "bits of life" style songs.  Janis' wonderful voice hardly needed a mike in that small club.

Roger Zuraw is a raunchy singer/songwriter who does talking blues mostly. Roger finds writing and performing music is very theraputic and has recorded several CD's. He has a wicked sense of humour which is found in his songs. It was mostly due to Roger's persistant nagging that Louise Peacock put together the Outrageous Summer Open stage events.  Roger went on at 6.45 p.m. and gave us a couple of his latest and some of his old familiar pieces.  Canadian Autumn was  timely and is always a big favorite with Roger's fans.

Louise Peacock is well known as an activist , but what she also does is write songs and sing.  Her music is a blend of Jazz/blues and country with a little folk thrown in for good measure. Louise is currently recording her third CD.

You can hear samples of it at her page at AcidPlanet

Louise went on at 7.15pm accompanied with her favorite Bass player, Tony Laviola. She presented 6 new songs, which the crowd seemed to enjoy.


Joe Sbrocchi is a special kind of guy.
He has a great personality and a really nice style of songwriting.  He blends blues, folk and rock together and comes up with some extremely catchy songs.  Joe has just finished a CD.
Joe went  on at 7.45pm and gave the folks some of the material off his new CD. Joe has come a long way from his first apperances and is really very slick and professional. the people really seemed to enjoy his show.

  If you haven't been out to something like this, come on out, it's fun.

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Outrageous Summer Open Stage 2005 
All WELCOME!!!!!!

But where will we be? 
Roger and Louise are not totally sure yet just where they will hold Outrageous 2005.  The UpDn proved to be very unreliable this fall, failing to open several Saturdays without warning, leaving the Outrageous folk standing around with guitars in hand on the siewalk.
The Gate 403 is not exactly our favorite setting, nor do we know what will be happening there in 2005. 

The Cafe May is really our fave spot, but it has changed hands and it is not looking as if they want anything like Outrageous ... so we are still hunting, and will keep you posted.

If you know of a likely spot, preferably on Roncesvalles - let us know.  outrageous@wezel.com

 In case you're wondering about the Outrageous Open Stage, visit the Outrageous 2003 link for some background.

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Above you see the two perpetrators of Outrageous, Louise Peacock and Roger Zuraw

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Outrageous Summer Open Stage - 2004  - At the Gate 403, 403 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto


 In case you're wondering about the Outrageous Open Stage, visit the Outrageous 2003 link for some background.

It's almost summer again, and the Song Writers Association of Canada open stages at Hugh's Room will be ceasing 'til fall, so it's time for the Outrageous Summer Open Stage to resurface!

Outrageous 2004 will be held at Gate 403, at 403 Roncesvalles, just south of Howard Park Avenue.  Very handy to TTC and plenty of street parking if you drive or ride a bike.

We will be holding the event the second Saturday of each month from June 12 to September 11.  Signup is 2:00 p.m., perfromances begin at 2:30. We go until 5:00 p.m.

Gate 403 has an old but serviceable PA, two speakers, 1 mike and stand, 1 music stand and a baby grand. We usually bring an extra mike and stand.

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In order to keep things interesting,  this year we will again be having a different guest host at each event.

Guest hosts are as follows:

June 12 - Blind Melon Davies (an old blues guy from South og the Border)
July 10 - Psychadelic Pholkie Brian Gladstone ( also director of Winterfolk)
August 14 - David Callender (singer/guitarplayer/songwriter and Chuck Berry tribute artist)
September 11 -  Paul Kacor (singer/songwriter and guitar player)

All musical styles are welcome.  Outrageous is
an open stage in the true sense -  short plays, poetry, stand-up comedy, music, whatever. A chance for people to express themselves and have fun in a low pressure environment.

  If you haven't been out to something like this, come on out, it's fun.

We'll post images of the events as they happen.

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Outrageous Hosts for 2004

Here are pix and names of our Outrageous Hosts for 2004

Blind Melon Davies - June 12
Brian Gladstone - July 10
Dave Callender - Aug 14 Paul Kacor - September 11. We have just learned that Paul suffered a bad accident, ended up with various broken bones. He will be unable to host  on September 11. We wish Paul the best and most speedy recovery. 
 Joe Sbrocchi - Special September 11 host

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September 11 2004 Outrageous Summer Open Stage
Our guest host was Joe Sbrocchi and he was terrific!  Open stage drop-ins were Roger Zuraw, Fred C,  Janis Daly and Fred C.,   Surprise and welcome Jay Lindon, longtime missing Peter Katz, and one of our faves, David Wildsmith and his young son Brian, Louise P., and Timothy John Robert. It was a fabulous afternoon with some great music, super new songs from Joe Sbrocchi, Peter Katz and Jay Lindon.  It's always really cool to hear material that's "hot off the press".   Bruce Walker was sound man again .......

Guest Host Joe Sbrocchi

Fred C

Janis Daly

Brian and David Wildsmith

Roger Zuraw

Timothy John Robert

Louise Peacock

Peter Katz

Jay Lindon

Jay Lindon demonstrates the Quattro to Joe Sbrocchi

David Wildsmith sings an original

Jay Lindon  sings a new song

August 14 2004 Outrageous Summer Open Stage
Our guest host was David Callendar and what a cool host he was!  We had  Roger Zuraw, Fred C,  Trevor Burt, Janis Daly and Fred C., Louise P., Michel Plourde and Timothy John Robert. David Calendar specializes in Chuck Berry music and he delighted everyone with his accoustic versions of the Chuck's songs. Timothy John Robert joined David with harp and they played yup a storm.  Michel Plourde (unusually)  sang two of his own tunes - although he says he hates his voice, we all thought he sounded great! The afternoon concluded with a wonderful jam with most attendees taking part.  Bruce Walker was sound man - making sure that each performer was properly set up and miked .....

Guest Host David Callender

Fred C

Janis Daly with Michel Plourde

Michel Plourde

Roger Zuraw

Timothy John Robert

Louise Peacock

Soundman Bruce rushes to turn down the sound on the guitar before Timothy yanks the chord at the song's conclusion .....

Trevor Burt

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July 10 2004 Outrageous Summer Open Stage
This was excellent.  Brian Gladstone always adds a special zest to any event which he is hosting, and this was no exception. A bunch of SAC members showed up, which was great - we had  Roger Zuraw,  Fred C, Joe Sbrocchi , Janis Daly and William Coon.  We were also delighted to welcome Timothy John Robert, and newcomers Candi McNeil (of Canclone Services) and Stuy-Vic.  Janis Daly is multi-talented and as well as being a singer/songwriter with a great voice, she plays bass. Candi offered flute and bass. Stuy-Vic shared with us his own special brand of hiphop/rap. His message is positive and he wants to make a difference to the world with a positive message.  The afternoon concluded with a wonderful jam with most attendees taking part.  Bruce Walker was sound man - making sure that each performer was properly set up and miked .... he also managed to get into almost every picture.

Brian Gladstone

Brian with Michael Laderoute and Bruce Walker fixing sound

Brian with Janis Daly

Brian with Joe Sbrocchi, and yes, Bruce behind ...

Brian, Michael and Janis

Brian, Janis and Timothy John Robert looking on

Candi McNiel

Candi watched by Fred, Joe, Roger and William

Fred C belts out an original

Janis plays one of her compositions and showcases her singing abilities

Janis, Brian and Stuy-Vic

Joe Sbrocchi sings The Batchelor Blues

Stuy-Vic raps while Janis does the beats

Michael Laderoute and Timothy John Robert

Candi plays flute to one of Joe's tunes ....

Joe, Roger, William Coon and Brian

Fred C again - this was my favorite shot of him.

Grand old jam for a finale with Timothy JR, Brian, Michael and Janis

June 12/04  the first Outrageous event for 2004 got off to a slow start,  but we had fun. Our scheduled host, Blind Melon Davies was a no-show. Roger says that he saw him the previous evening down on Lakeshore near the LCBO ... we drew our own conclusions ...

 Guitar whiz Trevor Burt got there first, followed by  Outrageous stalwart Roger Zuraw.  Michel Plourde came along next, and Ray Murray made it also. We were surprised and pleased to have Archie (from the Ron Davis jam) come out to play trombone. (We suspect that Archie might have liked it better if we'd had a pianist there ..... but he put on a good show with Michel)

 We had a new person come out, Earling.  

Everyone got to do three songs since we were few in number and it all worked out very well ... below are a few pix of the event.

Archie and Michel jamming

Michel and Archie discuss what they will play, Bruce watches.

Bruce Walker sets up Ray Murray

Bruce sets up the sound for Earling and Michel. Earling wandered in after hearing Michel playing bass, and begged to use Louise's Ovation ....

Michel jams with Earling whileTrevor Burt watches.

Treveor Burt plays some tunes

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