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Wezel's site says goodbye to Nash the Slash who used to live here.....

As of mid October 2002 Nash The Slash has moved on to a bigger and more exciting web was fun while it lasted

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My first contact with Nash The Slash was years ago when FM was still together. We listened to and bought the FM album. I was totally fascinated by the "Phasors on Stun" cut and with the interesting story about the Man in Bandages.  It was said that no one had seen his face - he just disappeared after shows and snuck off. I thought this was just about the neatest thing I had ever heard and wished I could be like that: have a neat disguise and be another person.

About 5 years ago, while in the midst of preparing a CD Release event for a client, I had the opportunity to talk to Nash in person - the client wanted Nash to be a guest musician at the release - the guest appearance did not come off, but Nash told me he was beginning to make a few appearances in Toronto, and we started to go out to them. 
I created a pen and ink sketch of Nash at one such performance 

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We chatted with Nash at one of his east end appearances and subsequently 
I had the opportunity to create a web page for Nash the Slash.  It was a wonderful chance to get to know the man behind the disguise, and behind the music that I had admired for so long.

The first thing that happened was I created a basic sketch of the Graveyard that Nash wanted.  This was just to be a rough guide, but Nash liked what had been created and I transported the line drawing into one of my graphics packages, added colour, mapping and added sundry embellishments and we had the prototype for the Graveyard that would represent Nash at his official site from 2000 til October/02.

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Below you can see the digitally altered sketch that we used. 
It wasn't long before people began to realize that Nash The Slash was still alive and well and living in Toronto, and they began to visit his new website like crazy....It was a lot of fun having Nash as a web client and watching as things began to get rolling.  

But a rolling stone gathers no moss and by 2002 Nash had kind of outgrown the Wezel site, which for the most part keeps things plain and simple. His slick new site is full of flashy bells and whistles which suit his renewed higher profile. We wish him all the best and look forward to catching a show once in a while.

You can see Nash's new site at 

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Webmaster Igor  (pronounced EYEGORE) also wants to say goodbye to Nash since he wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Nash. 

Page updated January 6, 2007
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