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Larry Fast
This site belongs to musician/composer Larry Fast.  The site is interesting and has a lot of useful information, such as when some of the albums are going to be available on CD. 
Dick Felix
Toronto-based musician and composer, Dick Felix is an outstanding double-bass player with an outstanding band.  Visit his no-nonsense web site for more information.
Blacknoise/FM ArchivesFM Archives
Blacknoise/FM Archives is the brainchild of Paul Wentworth. He has put together an excellent archive of the Toronto group FM.

Electronic, dance, triphop, hipHop, Reggae, Rap

George is a long time bass player from England struck down with Lou Gehrig's Disease,  who has been forced to give up his instrument as his condition has deteriorated. Until February of 2002, he continued to create music by computer using one finger to type in commands.

As of February 2002, even this ability has now been taken away, but George's drive to create has not.  Visit the page to find out more.

Bob George
The late Bob George was a wonderfully gentle and talented Canadian jazz pianist, based in Toronto, Ontario. All who knew him loved him. Bob was taken from us too soon in January of 2003. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Hard Traveller Music
This is the brainchild of Britt Craig, a singer /songwriter based in St. Augustine, Florida. Hard Traveller Music is both his personal site and the name of his publishing company which specializes in recording street musicians.
Heilig Manouvre
This site belongs to Canadian Bassist Henry Heillig. Montreal born Heillig has a fascinating bio and performs regularly in the Candian Jazz scene.

Eurodance, Trance and NRG music 
Talented Canadian musician/songwriter...plenty of groovin' music to satisfy your soul. Interesting site
Lady Blue and the Tramps
Lady Blue and the Tramps are a great little group from the U.S. of A.  Aside from their groovin' music, they've created a really neat site, with all kinds of good information.
Laurel Long
 Taken from us way too young, the late Laurel Long was a talented Jazz singer based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). She had an amazing vocal range which she used to good effect on those occasions when she sang in public. Laurel left us in July of 2003. She will be greatly missed by all those who knew her and the world has been robbed of a great jazz singer. R.I.P.

Acoustic Guitar -  blues, rock surf, you name it - he plays it!
Toronto based Danny Marks is a fabulously talented guitar player with more knowledge in one litle finger than most guitar players dream of.  If you can't go and listen to him - go visit his site.  Remember Edward Bear?  Look no further, Danny was part of that group.
Dan McVeigh
Talented Canadian Singer/songwriter Dan's songs have been recorded by a number of Canadian artists. He achieved chart success when Debbie Nelson released his song on Royalty Records, "Doesn't Really Matter" (written by Dan McVeigh-Bruce Madole).Dan performs in the Toronto area frequently and also performs in Nashville, Tennessee.<
Mooseheart Faith Stellar Groove Band
Folk, Space, Garage, Soul, Experimental and Middle Eastern Rock.

Former 'Angry Samoan' punk rocker Todd Homer and  Motown recording artist of 'Apollo' Larry  Robinson  formed Mooseheart Faith.  A very nice looking site. Definitely worth a visit.

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