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ONYX Canada is proud to present a tribute to Laurel Long, a very jazzy lady

Sometimes we are privileged to know a very special person. Laurel Long was such a person. She inspired many people to reach for higher ideals of performance, and she inspired tremendous love and admiration in those close to her.

I know that she is sadly missed and still lives on in our hearts, sail on lovely lady!
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Jazz Singer Lady, Laurel Long fought the brave battle, but on Thursday, July 3rd, she went on to another world. "Jazz Singer Lady made good her escape this morning"  ( as long-time friend and favorite bass-player, Alfred Gertler said) )

She will be sadly missed by her friends and family and colleagues

The funeral  for Toronto Jazz Singer/composer Laurel Long, much loved wife of Jon Long,
was held on Tuesday, July 8/03 at  1:00 p.m. at Trull Funeral Home, 2704 Yonge St. Toronto, Ontario

July 6/03
Laurel Long was an amazingly talented Jazz singer, based in Toronto, Ontario.

She performed in an around the Toronto area for a few years before she met and married drummer Jon Long.

They continued to perform with her band NightFlite until Laurel and Jon began to raise a family. They had a daughter, Victoria now 9 years old and a son, Erin, now 12.

Laurel had a unique vocal quality which she was able to employ both for jazz and R&B.  She could sing anything and make you believe her. She was a wonderful performer and an incredibly talented singer. Sadly only one recording was made of Laurel and the quality of that recording was not great.  Everything is being done to try to salvage it that it might be made into a viable CD.

She will be sadly missed by all of us.

Louise Peacock
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A few candid shots of Laurel performing 

All photos and digital enhancements to photos on this page by Louise Peacock. Copyright 2001


Laurel sings with Chuck Jackson and the Allstars

//wwJon Long on drums w.cafepress.com/LaurelLong

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Jazz Singer Lady Tribute Song
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