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I've included as many photos as I could get hold of. Bob's daughter, Heloise has been kind enough to scan in a bunch of 'photos she has and send them along.In some cases Heloise was unable to identify all the people shown with Bob in the photos, if you know who they are, please let us know. Also if anyone has a photo they would like to add, please email! (

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Bob as a Boy Scout

Bob at graduation - from the year book


"Mom and Pops" one of Heloise George's pix of Bob and her Mom

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At Lake Louise - 1971

  at Lake Louise '98

Jazz Festival 1993

February 1994

Bob with the Starlight Orchestra - far left

Inset from previous photo
Bob's good friend, anthony Terbstra- leader of the Starlight Orchestra

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June 1994

Jazz Festival 1994

Jazz Festival 1998

At the Rhodes 1998
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Over the Rainbow - Bob and Heloise

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