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Bob George was a Canadian Jazz Pianist, based in Toronto.  He was beloved  by all his friends and colleagues. He has been described in glowing terms by all, but the two most frequently voiced comments are "Bob had a HUGE influence on my professional career" and "Bob had the most incredible sense of humour"
Memorial For Bob George
A memorial service was held for this gentle musician on Sunday July 20/03 at The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar, 194 Queen Street West, Toronto (416) 598-2475.  
The guest MC for the event is Mr. Doug Watson, of Jazz FM

The bands are performing in the following order:

The Jack McCaffrey Trio - 3:00
Anthony Terpstra and his Seventet - 3:40
The Tony Quarrington Sextet - 4:20 
The Dick Felix Quintet 5:00

Various special guests (including Melissa Stylianou, Alfred Gertler and Glenn Anderson among others) came by to sit in during the event.

Later that same day at the Rex, at 9:30 p.m. Bob’s good friend Glenn Anderson held a CD release for his new album “Swinging The Blues” which prominantly features Bob George, and which was the last recording of Bob playing. We strongly encourage everyone to stay for Glenn’s CD release and take some Bob George home with you.

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July 16/03  

This morning a call came in from Bob's long time friend and classmate Barry Sanderson. Barry was shocked to hear of Bob's untimely passing and recalls days back in University. "Bob would be pounding away on the piano and he'd take a song, any song, Moonglow for example...then he's say" Hey wanna hear how Mantovani would have played this?" and he'd do a Mantovani version...then he'd say "Okay, now wanna hear how Liberace  would have done it?" and he was off again ...doing a Liberace version...."

     Bob can be seen in the far left of this poster

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