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We don't have a really detailed chronological bio for Bob, so I'm going to add in what information I have and try and make it cohesive. If anyone finds this page and has something to add or correct, please email! (

Bob George was a Canadian Jazz Pianist, based in Toronto.  Born in Owen Sound, he spent his early childhood there until his Dad changed jobs and was located in Hamilton. The family moved to Hamilton where Bob finished high school and enrolled in McMaster University.

At McMaster Bob took a degree in Sociology and later went on to become a Sociology teacher. Also while at McMaster, Bob was involved in music......

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Robert Eric George  -   Biography

Place of Birth : Owen Sound, Ontario
Date of Birth : April 6 1944
Place of Death : Toronto, Ontario
Date of Death : January 30th 2003

Educational Background
1976- Bachelor of Education, Faculty of Education, University of Toronto. Type A High School Assistant’s Certificate In Sociology and Psychology , Type B in Music. Special credits in History.

1970- Master of Arts in Sociology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Areas of concentration included Deviance, Urban Sociology and Social Movements.

1966- Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, McMaster University. A variety of courses were also completes in History, English Literature, Psychology and Drama.

Employment History
1973-84 ­ Lecturer, Department of Continuing Education, Laurentian University, Sudbury , Ontario.
He taught a variety of courses in Sociology in off- campus locations throughout Northern Ontario.
Students were generally shool teachers, nurses and social workers working towards their Bachelor of
Arts degree.

1970- 2003— Bob George has been playing jazz piano in the Toronto area for over 25 years and performed with nearly all of the major jazz  musicians including Reg Schwager,  Niel  Swainson,  Kirk McDonald, Dave Young and Keiron Overs, just to name a few.  He has played in all the major venues going right back to George’s Spaghetti House and more recently, the Top of the Senator. In early 2002 he played in the Ontario Science Center Jazz series . Bob has also toured in England, France and the islands of the South Pacific.   He can be heard on a number of  CDs, including his own “Duets” which was recorded in early 2002.

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