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The Asian Long Horned Beetle
Have you seen this beetle?

Visit the Canadian AHLB site

Wondering what this is about?  There is a new menace in Canada and the U.S.A., and it wants to kill our trees, especially the Maples. It's a beetle that came in from another country and there is no known predator, no known chemical deterrent.
Imagine what it would be like in YOUR neighbourhood if ALL the trees were gone.  Learn how to identify this pest, and to recognize the signs that it is in a tree. Tree inspectors can't be everywhere, so it is only with the help of the public that we can hope to find infestations.

Canadian Garden Sites
Name of site/URL/Link Comment/Description

Articles A new page devoted to garden articles and information
Canadian Wildflower Magazine
The Canadian Wildflower Magazine site.
The Garden Calendar   You can list your garden events and lectures at this site.  
Hortico An excellent site with really nice graphics, loads in quickly and gives you great information. Hortico Nurseries is your 
source for unique plants... located in Canada and shipping worldwide. 
DHobson A whimsical garden site by author David Hobson. Contains useful information scattered with lighthearted folly. Fun site. email: dhobson@golden.net
ICanGdn This is the homepage of an ambitious garden site with lots of potential, and tons of good links - but their pages take a long time to load. Site navigation can be annoying also. Worth a visit though.
wildflowerfarm email: paul@wildflowerfarm.com

Interesting site, great place for a tour.  They have steadfastly refused to give us a recipricol link for some reason .....if anyone finds out why, let us know.

The site has some pics of plants from Jason's garden (which is located in B.C.'s Fraser Valley), and information for gardeners in the same climate zone / local area. 
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     Canadian Garden Services

Name of Site/URL Comment

Gardenscape A Canadian garden supply business with many different items for your gardening pleasure. A well designed site with much to catch your eye.
We're In the Hayfield Now The ultimate place from which to select and buy daylilies. Definitely worth the drive to Orono! The site is full of the most glorious daylily pictures. If you don't have one now, you will definitely want to begin a daylily garden.
Thuderstone Quarries A Canadian supplier of quality rock products. Worth a visit to this site to see the great pix!
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Canadian Garden Societies that We Like (Not too many - especially not The Master Gardeners, who really annoy us with their supercilious attitude!)
Name/URL Description

The Gardening Network
A Mississauga based non-profit gardening association

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Overseas Garden Sites

Name/URL Description
STOP the Asian Long Horned Beetle (U.S. link)
The Canadian Link is
Asian Long Horned Beetle
This is a link that we found with info on the Asian Long Horned Beetle. If you care about your neighbourhood trees, check out this link.
WANTED - For Crimes against trees

Coming soon to a tree near you

ACS Australian Correspondence Schools This is their oldest site. It contains a great deal of information (articles, links, book reviews, course info etc) broken into a wide range of categories (eg. Landscaping, Turf, Propagation, Roses, Orchids, Herbs, Tropicals, Gardens, Professional Associations, Permaculture, etc)
ACSNEWSS Australian Correspondence SchoolsThis is their gardening newsletter or ezine (just launched), with calenders of events, articles, a mail order bookshop and large list of gardening links
ACSCourseDesign Australian Correspondence SchoolsThis site presents a new system offered by the Australian Correspondence Schools where people can design their own gardening course -length/duration/content to suit their specific needs
Farm and Garden Services
Farm & Garden Services is a sustainable agriculture and rural living resource. Farm &
Garden Services endeavors to research and catalog the skills, tools, and knowledge
which make up the core of rural and agrarian life. Through the publication of these skills,
tools and knowledge we aim to:
  • promote and aid small farmers,
  • promote sustainable and organic agricultural methods,
  • preserve farmland by aiding those willing to work it,
  • promote and facilitate gardening as both a hobby and a means of self-sufficiency,
  • preserve and promote rural communities,
  • promote the purchase of food closer to home,
  • and preserve what we can of the rural heritage of North America
In addition, Farm & Garden Services works to educate consumers about the connections
between the food we eat and the land and people who produce it. We also seek to  provide a glimpse into the food related issues facing many other countries around the world through our Food Bytes news.

3-D Garden Composer
An interesting site, though the top page can be challenging to get into...once you get there, they have neat pictures and comments.
The Garden Web The Garden Web, A great gardening resource site. Many useful links; places to get information; garden events listed, clubs and association listed - a very nice site. Well designed.
Maureen Roger's Herb Growing & Marketing Network, HerbNET is the most comprehensive site on the NET for everything herbal!"
Homestead Division of Sunnybrook Farms
Homestead Division of Sunnybrook Farms.Attention shade plant lovers! Your search for special shade plants is over. This website is devoted to a place that specializes in hostas, epimediums, and ferns and you can order both plants and seeds at their website.
Home and Garden Construction Pro An excellent online resource site for gardeners. Free Gardening Manual. - Offers tips and resources for home and garden construction!
My Garden
An online resource for lovers of gardening.
Nation Wide Pools In Ground Swimming Pool  
NationWidePools carries in ground swimming pool kits that you can install yourself. 
North American Native Plant Society

Dedicated to the study, conservation, cultivation and restoration of native plants. Join us in our celebration of the unique botanical heritage of North America.

Tree and shrub advocacy site. Sounds a bit loony at first, but the advice they provide regarding correct pruning and cultivation is perfectly sound.
 A garden site with a gazillion links to all sorts of useful garden related information.
Outdoor Furniture

Buy Outdoor furniture to your home at very affordable prices at Relaxinggardens.com.

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