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If you would like to find out more about the danger of the Asian Long Horned Beetle, visit the CFIA website in Canada or  The University of Vermont website in the U.S.
Section of tree damaged by Asian Long Horned Beetle Larvae
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Louise Peacock


  • Horticulturist - Graduated from Guelph University's ODH program in 1994.
  • Has been involved with and working in the industry since 1980. Specialty is perennials and herbs.
  •   worked at Boncheff Greenhouses in Etobicoke, where she helped out in a variety of ways, including running the greenhouse when required. Currently, she is pursuing her internet activities, including webdesign and video-making.
  • Garden Consultant and designer. Using her extensive knowledge of plants and what will work in a given location, Louise helps clients plan their gardens.
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  • Artist - Louise photographs, paints and draws anything that crosses her field of vision. You can check out her artwork at: ART
  • Author - Louise recently completed and published a guide on perennials and bulbs for zone 5b-6. You can check out her writing at: Articles
  • Singer/Songwriter. Louise writes songs in the blues, jazz and country vein and markets them over the internet.  You can check out her songs at: Music
  • Webmaster - Louise designed, and currently maintains this entire web site as a sideline to her other activities.
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