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If you would like to find out more about the danger of the Asian Long Horned Beetle, visit the CFIA website in Canada or  The University of Vermont website in the U.S.
Section of tree damaged by Asian Long Horned Beetle Larvae
  The Gardening Network Presents  

In the past, The Gardening Network has organized and hosted free gardening talks and events in the Etobicoke and Mississauga area. The Garden Hints programs have become popular with local garden enthusiasts over the past ten years.

However, as often happens, life became busy for the organizers and between moving and other things coming up, such as our involvement in a wonderful community project in Mississauga (check it out at this link)
it was decided to make some changes.

We will no longer organize events, due to lack of time and low attendence at the last few event.  We may consider doing a blog and are working on some short videos. We will post lkinks here when this happens.

Although we won't be organizing any events,
we are willing to come out and speak to any group who needs a Garden speaker.   Just email us at:

The Gardening Network

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