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About the Gardening Network
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Note/update: as of 2013, The Gardening Network is still alive and well, but it's founder is too busy to organize events.
Mission Statement
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The Gardening Network is a Mississauga-based, non-profit garden association. Our aim is to share and spread good gardening information everywhere.
How The Gardening Network works 
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My name is Louise Peacock. I am a custom garden consultant, horticulturist, speaker and webmaster based in Toronto, Canada. In the mid '90s, in an effort to help promote good gardening practices, and to help novice gardeners, I started a non-profit garden association called The Gardening Network.

The Gardening Network began to host gardening talks which I called "Garden Hints".  These events covered a wide selection of topics, including pruning, garden design, and House plants.

I organized, hosted and occasionally spoke, at the Garden Hints events. 

These events were held, free of charge, at various different locations. Initially we held our meetings at the Brentwood Library, but as the parking grew more difficult we changed to the The Allsaints Anglican Kingsway Church, in Etobicoke. Later, we had a partnership with Etobicoke's Montgomery's Inn, but when the City of Toronto has become involved, they decided that The Gardening Network is no longer welcome there, and so for the time being, we were without a place to hold our meetings!

We did, from time to time, hold our events at the Library at the corner of Burhamthorpe Road and East Mall.

The Garden Hints events allow members of the public interested in gardening and related activities to increase their knowledge. 

Our "Raison D'Etre"Photo Copyright Louise Peacock The Gardening Network, and The Garden Hints events were created to help share horticultural knowledge with anyone that cared to participate in our various activities.

Although our speakers may not have had the answer to your question, but we would usually find out from one of our contacts. Knowledge should be shared - not hoarded away like stolen treasure - especially gardening knowledge. Just because you are a "new" gardener does not mean you do not have valid ideas or suggestions; Keeping an open mind and being tolerant are important; we can always learn something from one another, and no one person can ever know everything! 

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Growth and All Welcome 
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The Gardening Network is a non-profit garden association and anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the events, when we hold them.

It is completely volunteer run - none of our speakers or organisers get paid for any activities undertaken at Garden Hints events.

A few dedicated plant lovers joined me in becoming founding-members of the Garden Hints endeavour, some of them have moved on, some you will see among us - sometimes presenting; sometimes helping to set up; sometimes just being there to answer questions.

We feel that people should be given the opportunity to acquire knowledge in the areas that are of specific interest to them, and to that end, we always ask our members and visitors what sorts of programs they would enjoy having in the future. This allows us to search out volunteer experts in those areas and invite them out to give a talk or a demonstration.

What We Do 
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Our activities include involvement in local community gardens, informational and hands-on gardening workshops at a member-volunteers' garden; walking tours of especially interesting plant locations (such as a daylily farm; Hamilton Royal Botanical Gardens; a private garden tour; a nature hike in an interesting park...) and fundraiser plant sales.

Special Comunity Projects

Starting in 2005, GN became involved with a Mississauga Park flower bed, Called Garnetwood. We worked on this 2500 square foot bed until June 2013, when the City decided it no longer wanted our help.  You can see the history and pictures at our facebook page

In 2012 we began reinstating a pioneer herbal and medicine garden at The Grange, in Mississauga, and then installed a pioneer flower garden

Contact Information

For information about being a volunteer, or to ask questions, email to:

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