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The Gardening Network Garnetwood Park Project Photos section
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Photos this site Copyright Louise Peacock
Garnetwood Plants and Flower Section
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This section shows you the plants used in the project and the ones we would like to use.     

Sadly, some of the donated plants were stolen several weeks before our completion date of September 30/05.  These included  three clumps of Rudbeckia hirta and two Sedum Autumn Joy.

We are disappointed and disgusted that someone would stoop to this level - most of the plants in this flower bed were donated, and it is unbelievable that we have a thief who feels they can just dig up what ever they feel like.

We have put "wanted" posters in t he area, as well as alerting neighbours and park users to watch out for anyone in the plant bed that is not either an official parks staff  member or a designated volunteer.
  Plant and Flower pix
  Eupatorium - Joe Pie Weed Photo Copyright Louise Peacock

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These are some of the planbts that we have added to the project, or that we would like to add to the project.

One of the goals in adding flowering perennials to this site, is to include plants that are sensate (in this case - smell nice, look nice) and useful in the herbal sense.

If you have any of the  plant material  shown in the pictures, and wish to share it with us for this project, please contact us by email at:

What we have planted so far:

Achillea millefolum (Yarrow)
Achillea "The Pearl" (Yarrow)


Campenula latifolia (Peach Leaved Bell Flower

Caryopteris (BlueBeard)

Chrystanthemum matricularia (Feverfew)
Echinacea (Purple Cone Flower

Eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed)

Geranium (Cranesbill)

Grasses include
Karl Foerster Reed grass
Miscanthus zebridinus
Miscanthus gigantes
as well as several other unidentified varieties

Hemerocallis (Daylily) pre-existing
Hibiscus moschiutos (perennial hibiscus) pre-existing

Hosta spp

Iris (pre-existing)

Phlox  paniculata (Garden Phlox, Summer Phlox)
Phlox subulata (Creeping Phlox)
Physostegia (Obedient Plant)

Rudbeckia hirta

Sedum Vera Jameson (Longos)
Sedum Spectabile (Longos)
Sedum, "Autumn Joy" (GN)
Sedum spatufolium (Louise P)
Sedum acre

Solidago "Golden Lady"
Thymus spp (Wooly Thyme)

We added 2 clumps of Artemesia pontica in mid September.  It's very daught resistant and will  fill in quickly to choke out weeds.  It's attractive gray folliage is soft and lacey, and it provides a great contrast for other flowering perennials.  In a sunny location it grows into a neat small shrub form.

Bee balm would be great to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

 We also like it because it is easy to grow and will fill in the area.  So far we have 6 pink Bee Balm. planted in the main bed. Thanks to Louise for these.

A close up of Peach Leafed Bellflower

We have added 12 white Peach Leafed Bellflower to the mid section of our beds.  They will add a welcome splash of white in mid spring. and early summer, often re-flowering if deadheaded after the first flush of bloom.

Later summer colour would be provided in part by Caryopteris (Blue Mist Spirea, Bluebeard.) thanks to Sheridan Nurseries we have managed to get 4 Caryopteris for the main bed

Coreopsis is another reliable performer that have added to the mid section of our two beds. Flowering from mid to late summer and into the fall, this plant is a welcome addition.

We love Cranesbill, and we hope to get more varieties for the mid front part of the beds, as a larger ground cover plant.
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Joe Pye Weed will look stunning at the  rear center of each bed. This perennial grows to 6 feet tall in the right conditions, and flowers from July to September.  We now have four Joe Pye weed thanks to PlantWorld.

We love to get hold of some Lady Bestraw. This lovely wildflower  withstands adverse conditions and has a long lasting flowering period.

Our favorite low-grow cranesbill ... we are really hoping to get some of this planted for phase 2. The particular varietyshown flowers from Spring through til late fall.

Lamium (and this is just one of several types) would be a great addition to the front of the beds.  It is extremely tolerant of adverse conditons and flower profusely in  spring and on and off through the summer.  A fantastic ground cover.  15 Lamium have been added to the Gardening Network sections of the bed, thanks to  a private donor.
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Garden Phlox or Phlox paniculata would be a great choice for the rear middle of the beds.  It prospers in full sun and grows into large sturdy clumps.  If anyone wants to donate some, that would be great.  We have managed to get 6 pale pink Phlox paniculata for the main bed.  Thanks to Louise for this addition.

Another really great garden performer is Red Valerian. We would love to install some in the mid rear of the beds. A very long lasting flowering period.

Rudbeckia hirta is of course a must. A mid to  late summer flowering pperennial which performs well in part shade or full sun. Jason was able to bring some Rudbeckia from one of the other parks and we have planted them in the main bed.

Shasta Daisy has been added to the beds. a few clumps here and there  add a splash of life to the beds
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Another fave is Rose Mallow.  This is also very tolerant of poor conditions and produces a welcome spash of dark or light pink flowers in the late spring and on and off through the summer.

Our all time favorite groundcover plant for draught conditions. Wooly Thyme.  Check out the soft, furry leaves in the closeup below!

Wooly Thyme has been added to the front of the Gardening Network sections of the bed. Thanks to PlantWorld and Sheridan !

Yarrow "The Pearl" is a great performer for a sunny border, and we'd really like to include this on in our beds.

We have added 4 "the Pearl" to the main bed. Thanks to Louise for these.

Yarrow millefolium "Cerise Queen" is a beautiful, easy to grow plant which will do really well in our sunny beds.  We don't have this yet ..... donations are welcome .....
We do however have four clumps of this light pink Yarrow. Thanks to Louise for these.
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Another Yarrow millefolium which we are growing for phase 2.  Yarrow is a wonderful choice for a large, sunny border. In our particular project, we have to select material which will be easy to maintain and will not cause the parks department problems.  We feel that Yarrow will be perfect for these requirements.

We have added 20 white Yarrow to the main bed - these came from another area in the park.

Sedum Vera Jameson

Great addition to a sunny border, and very attractive with it's pink flowers and pink tinged foliage ( although we are afraid this may may make it attratice to our resident plant thief.)

Chrystanthemum matricularia (Feverfew). Long flowering plant - said to have medicinal properties which inhibit  migraines, but it's best features for this bed is that it is an easy care plant that thrives in the full sun and once established will form a large clump and will flower for most of the summer.
We have four of these in the Gardening Network sections of the bed. Thanks to  Norma for these.

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