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The Gardening Network, sponsor of The Garden Articles section, is delighted to host the humours ramblings of Patrick Vickery, a Scottish gardner and garden writer. To read a bit about Patrick go here.  You can also visit his page at

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Garden Blethering  - About Patrick Vickery - 

Very interested in environmentally sound/organic gardening - initially brought about by the fact that I couldn’t afford to buy gardening ’chemicals’ anyway to sustain me in a very interesting and fascinating hobby.

I’m now a convert to an organic way of doing things of course. 

Also very interested in the humour side of gardening - the ’things that go wrong’ sort of thing. A neglected area of gardening, I think. 

Married, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 goats - work part-time as teacher (special needs), part-time gardener on a small scale selling plants (Hardy perennials at local market), and part-time gardening writer (sounds posh, I know, but as I said made not a penny from it yet).


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