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Every gardener has a different opinion about how things should be done. An example is a favorite saying from one of my good gardening friends: "You get three gardeners in one room - fist fight!". While I don't completely agree with Gerry - I know that there is always more than one way to approach a subject. I hope that we can provide you with some useful information, and some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
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  Note:  We recently linked up to one of the best garden and farm information sites we have run across, and the source of tons of excellent articles.  This is the link:

We will commence providing direct links on the Farm-Garden site to any articles written by Louise Peacock.

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This page was updated February 25, 2006 and is still under construction, as a result, not all the listed subjects have been "live linked" yet. We are getting there bit by bit.... and we are pleased to offer you the humorous gardening ramblings of our colleague in Scotland, Patrick Vickery. Check out Garden Blether

Sorry - as usual - it's been a very busy season so-far,
so I haven't been able to add more stuff as yet. (Usual disclaimer ...smile)

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M - Maintenance |
N -  New Gardens |
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P -| Perennials -  Oenethera | | Pest and disease - Asian Long Horned Beetle | Greenhouse Whitefly  | Pruning |
Q - Quince
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