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Meet the teacher
Photo by Bruce M. Walker

Louise Peacock has been studying and practicing the art of cooking for the past 50 years. She successfully completed a series of cooking courses with Culinary arts teacher, Etta Sawyer and has not looked back since.

With a Portuguese /Italian/French background, Louise has always blended conventional recipes with Southern European cooking, giving a unique flavour to her various dishes.

In these trying times of conservation and invention, Louise wanted to share her knowledge and abilities of cooking complete meals in Crock pots/Slow cookers.


University of Guelph (Honours)
University of Waterloo
Ryerson University
Humber College
Etta Sawyer School of Culinary Arts

Credit Management Speaking Club -  Best Impromptu speech

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Crockpot Cooking Courses Available Upon Request

One on one or group lessons - your choice - evenings or weekends.

Prices available upon request.
You get home after a long day at work or school; you're tired; you're hungry and when you check the 'fridge - it's empty except for some stale bread and some old peanut butter. You grab the bread and peanut butter and have that for supper........


Instead - take this four part cooking course, which will give you lessons on making soup, 2 entrees and a dessert.
Where: The Grange, 1921  Dundas Street West, Mississauga. ON L5K 1R2

This beautiful Heritage building is the home of Heritage Mississauga, and they have been good enough to offer their facility for us to give cooking lessons.

  - email info@heritagemississauga.org
or call: 905-828-8411
     Fax: 906-828-8176
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What you will get for your money:
Crockpot  Cooking - Part 1
Starters - Making Soup and making thickener. Rich Chicken soup
Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/

Photo by Ian Britton FreeFoto.comThere is nothing like a nice bowl of soup!

Crockpot Cooking - Part 2
Entree - Making Chicken with Orange and Sesame Seeds with Sweet Potatoes

Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/

Crockpot Cooking - Part 3
Entree - Making Hearty Beef Stew
Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/

- Printed Recipes;

- 2 hours of class time

- Printed information on recipes, including ingredients and other helpful cooking hints;

- Hands-on workshop;

- Full explanation of what we are doing;

- A generous sampling of whatever we are cooking.

One of the easiest things to prepare in a crockpot is smoked pork and beans.

Just plug in the timer and set the crock to low,  add two cans of beans in tomato sauce and a chunk of smoked pork or cooked ham and head off to work knowing that you will come back to the aroma of a wholesome dinner.

Crockpot Cooking - Part 4
Dessert - Making a low sugar, high protein Chocolate Cake
Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/
    Top of Page What you should bring: 

You never need to miss dinner again - you can prepare your Crockpot dinner the night  before, refrigerate, then in the morning,  pop everything into the Crock and set the timer.  Head off to work and return to a delicious dinner.

Note: we will do an extra class using vegetarian recipes if enough people want that
Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/ Mmmmmmm! Vegetarian Lasagna!
Pen/pencil and paper or a laptop to make notes; apron or big towel to wrap around you during the workshop.  Enticing entrees - Spaghetti and Meatballs
Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/
Delicious desserts - Maple-Almond Cake
Photographer: Bruce Walker flickr.com/

About The Courses | About the Teacher