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Note: Art samples are updated when the artists give us new photos.   If we do not get pictures of the art, we are unable to show samples.
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  Jeffrey Tye Bio

Jeffrey's art all began one day in the 1980's
. He was at his desk and had produced some doodles. A co-worker looked at what he'd done and said "you have potential - you should take drawing lessons". Fortunately, Jeffrey listened.

Jeffrey first took lessons with Michael John Angel, who was then the Director of the National Portrait Academy in Toronto.  One can clearly see Mr. Agnel's influence in Jeffrey's work. When Mr. Angel moved to Italy, Jeffrey continued his studies with one of Mr. Angel's graduate students.

Jeffrey works with equal skill and ease in oils or pencil and has produced a number of excellent paintings and drawings. Unfortunately, his output had dwindled in the last few years due to health concerns,  but it is hoped that he will soon be back at the easel.

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