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Bruces' work is currently on display in "Aggregation 2", the ALFEW exhibit in the Meeting room at

The Grange
1921  Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ont.
  Bruce Walker Bio

Bruce Walker is a Mississauga based freelance photographer.

Early experience with 35mm film in the 1970's and 1980's piqued his interest, but the recent development of high resolution digital technology solidly cemented his passion for capturing images. He is actively exploring abstracts, plant-life, Classic auto detail, portraiture and documenting live music events.

His work has appeared in the PDML Annuals 2008 and 2009, the Mississauga Arts Council summer newsletter 2009, and fashion retail window displays for Showcase Design. A piece is also appearing in an exhibition of PDML artists at the Scharpenberg Gallery in Chicago, May-June, 2010. A selection of his Classic Car detail art was displayed at the Novatel in Mississauga as part of the ALFEW artists collective, in fall 2009.

Mr. Walker is currently developing a project documenting the lifecycle of Fleetwood, parkland maintained on a natural watershed.

More of Mr. Walker's work may be viewed online at

Bruces’ work has recently been selected and featured in the prestigious PDML Photo Annual 2008-2009.

The URL for the PDML Annual 2010 is:

The information for that book is:

The best photography from the Pentax-Discuss Mail List, with all net profits donated to CureSearch, the [U.S.A.] National Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Edited by Mark Roberts with Associate Editors Scott Loveless and Bill Robb. With a foreword by Doug Brewer.

ISBN 978-1-4507-0950-7

For information about Bruces’work or to book an appointment:

Other Links for Bruce: Facebook

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