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 ALFEW Artists
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Marie Beamish  | John Carvalho | Edith Citrullo | Olivia Cugliari | Philip Di Gregorio |
 John Doherty  | Pat Higginson 
Elli Jonuschies | Heidi Jonuschies | Julie LoTauro |
 Louise Peacock  | Dan Sutton | Jeffrey Tye Bruce Walker

Current ALFEW Show

"Aggregation 3"

in the downstairs meeting room
 The Grange
1921  Dundas Street West
Mississauga, Ont.
From  October 2010  to February  28, 2011

Upcoming ALFEW show, Aggregation 4
 Opens March 8, 2011

and features

John Carvalho - Photographer
Matthew Chapman - Computer graphics
John Doherty - Acrylics
David Hook  - Photographer
Elli Jonuschies - Watercolour
Heidi Jonuschies  - Photographer
Julie LoTauro - Oils and watercolour
Seth Mukamal  - Photographer
Michael Ratt - Graphite
Renee Szuhai - Acrylics
Bruce Teel - Mixed Media
Bruce Walker  - Photographer

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The following ALFEW Members

Edith Citrullo

Olivia Cugliari
John Doherty
Elli Jonuschies
 Heidi Jonuschies
Dan Sutton
Louise Peacock
Jeff Tye
Bruce Walker

are displaying their art in a mixed media show
Called  "Aggregation 3"
in the downstairs meeting room
 The Grange

To see photos of some of the groups' art visit their Facebook group, or visit their individual pages on this site.

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